ManScore is an upcoming app that gives users a score based on various achievements they complete in real life. Users compete against their friends to optain the highest score and over time would recieve prizes. I worked on ManScore as their Design Manager from Janurary 2017 to Feburary 2018. My work involved creating the company's brand and overseeing the design and developement of the app and website. The app is set to launch in Q2 of 2018 on iOS with a web and Android version launching in Q3.

Night Shift was an app that aimed to improve the customer experience at bars, clubs, and concerts by digitizing various interactions. It was made up of three "sub-apps" called Ice Breaker, Drink Link, and DJ Replay. Ice Breaker allowed users to message and buy drinks for others who were checked-in to the same location. Drink Link allowed users to order food and drinks from the establishment they were checked-in to. DJ Replay would display the current song playing, both on jukeboxes and with live bands. I was hired to create the company brand and design the initial UI for the iOS app.

Flavor Connections is a line of high-quality spices that had been approved to be sold in all Costco stores. In order to keep up with the visual quality that Costco desired, they hired Salani & Associates to revamp their labels. As one of their graphics designers I was tasked with creating the new design. They wanted it to clearly show that these spices are worth the extra cost and that each product would be cohesive across the entire line.

Kirkland Signature was introducing a new Trek Mix bag and they wanted a style that was fun and adventurous. They were initially asking for designs with an old-timey baseball style, but they went with my design when I submitted a version with a more western style.

Working closely with Costco's marketing team, each ad for the Kirkland Signature Energy Shot started with a general theme such as New Year Resolutions or Summer Energy. Then we created the tagline and scene around it.

Salani & Associates was hired to make a number of updated labels and packaging for Costco's products including their Roma Tomatoes. After a few revisions on a handful of designs, they chose my design for the final label.

The Crossroads of America is an exhibit at the Chicago History Museum about the history of Chicago’s railways. For an Adversting Design class I created a ficticious advertising campaign including a poster, a booklet, and a web ad.

Kelsey Montanez is a singer/song writer with a classic rock feel to her music. I was given a few of her songs that would be on her first album and most of them had a theme of traveling and restlessness. I had played with long exposures in cars before and thought it was the perfect style for her. I went out at dusk and started taking numberous photos of the street ahead and of streetlights above us. After a little editing I created the full CD package as a prototype, but unfortuneatly the band split up before its release.

Every Day's a Sundae is an ice cream shop located in Downers Grove with great popularity in the area, but it's brand was lacking. They were using three logos at the same time and their website was entirely in comic sans. I created a full brand package that I submitted to them as well as a few business ideas to help them expand.